Thursday, May 05, 2005

Sunil "Piece-of-scum" More

One of my most respected figures is the honest law enforcement officer. (On second thoughts, if I'm going to pick a fictional character, I may as well pick Superman!) Jokes aside though, I really do take my hat off to these gentlemen (and ladies, I can hear the feminists shouting!) They're out there risking their lives everyday to keep the place safe. (Ok Ok! Maybe that's only in NYPD Blue, but the average cop's job is no stroll in the garden either!) Long hours and an emolument that's felt more in the heart than on the paycheck!

Now Newton's Third Law of Motion may state that 'Every reaction has an equal and opposite reaction'; but Newton's lesser known Third Motion of Law states that 'For every good cop there must be an equally bad cop'! And how true, as evinced by the actions of Mr More. To demand that he be subjected to hasty retribution of the severest degree would be just adding another voice to the crowd.

Let me clarify that I do not feel a rape commited by any other individual is less heinous. But there's something utterly nauseating about the act being perpetrated by a man in uniform (the uniform was probably off as he was doing it, but that's immaterial here). It's a scary situation when the institution that you were taught to trust as a child, turns around and shoots you in the back this way!

In another totally not connected matter, what is it with middle names? Why does everyone around here NOT have a middle name? I found out today that most people use their Dad's name as their middle name! Strange as this may be, it's at least bearable for guys. But what about girls? They get ol' Pop's name too! Till they get married, that is. Then they drop it for their husband's name!

I don't quite know why I find this funny, but I do! Now, I finally understand why all those university forms had a [Last Name] [First Name] [Father's Name] format! I could never quite fathom why they wanted me to append my Dad's name to the end of mine!

South Indians, apparently, have a similar system but insert their mother's name instead. This spares the girl the ignominy of having a different sex middle name, but I don't envy the guys!

By the way, my middle name's Chris, and it certainly ISN'T my Dad's name!


ausie said...

never heard that one before

Aditya Bidikar said...

The 'father's name' syndrome exists in many cultures. In fact, I think that Christianity (practicing or non-practicing) is one of the very few religions/cultures that doesn't have this. Hindus, Russians (Slavs), and people from some parts of China are some of the people from major cultures who have their father's names as middle names.

I personally think that's silly, but even I have my father's name (although I try not to use it).

The middle name has a great use - if you grow up and don't like your first name, you can just use your middle name. Unless your middle name is Hippolytus or something.

You are quite right about Mr. More, by the way. Scum! Words cannot express the entire feeling.

arnold said...

the icelanders are even crazier.. they adopt their father's christian name followed by "sson" (son)or "dottir"(daughter) respectively (depending on the sex of the child)

thus Johann's son Eidur would become Eidur Johannsson..

Kunal said...

The Icelandic system means the kid's surname will always be different from that of his parents. Because of that (partly) over 75% of Icelanders are born out of wedlock.

Nef said...

I have the feminized version of my great grand father name. I think the thing in France is to give as a second name the name of an ancester you really liked. So most of us have extremely fuddy duddy second names :p .

arnold said...

i'm not going to comment on the parentage of the icelanders... strange though that everyone in the family would have different surnames!!

Aditya Bidikar said...

The icelandic method of naming has become somewhat defunct now. Otherwise how could we have Scarlett Johansson?

Russian middle names, by the way, end with 'eevna' (for girls) and 'vich' (for guys).

Still, better than having seventy-two different names, as they do in South India. One of my friends, a Malayali by origin, uses his father's name as his surname, but in all official matters, his sub-caste is his surname. Odd. (Which in turn is a very common name in Norway.)

arnold said...

LOL! yeah speaking of the russians - do all male surnames end in 'ov' and all female ones in 'ova'?

Sunil Natraj said...

The assole should be hung!!