Sunday, May 01, 2005


I've been three times now to the recently opened KFC outlet in Poona (Come on KT, spit it out! It should be Pune now, shouldn't it?) and the Colonel has certainly lived upto expectations. While the Poona one may not be as good as the other two I've eaten at, I certainly feel it's a lot better than the other MNC's in the city. (Suck shit, McDonalds!)

The rates do tend to weigh a tad too heavily on one's pocket but then it isn't as bad as say Pizza Hut. Just don't go there if you're trying to make do on a shoe-string budget though!

One of the things I didn't like was the guy standing at the entrance, whose job was to entertain the people standing in the line. (Actually, the line was the second thing I didn't like!) His duties included keeping the kids entertained so that they didn't trouble their parents. I don't know what they must be paying him, but I refuse to believe anyone would do a job as embarrassing as that for anything less than a king's ransom! Making faces for l'il kids? Gimme a break!

Another thing I don't get is why places like this do not serve you water? I know it would be much more profitable for them if I had to quench my thirst by buying a soda instead. But there's a limit! And boy, fried chicken does make you thirsty! Next time I go, I'm gonna arm myself with a bottle of mineral water!

There's a McDonalds next door in the same building, and just how badly KFC is cutting into their business was amply evident from the fact that as we were standing in the KFC line, this MD guy comes up to us and thrusts a few MD leaflets into our hands! Maybe if they'd try improving their quality and stop Indianizing the menu so much. We were actually grateful for those leaflets though; they came in handy while trying to get the grease from the chicken off our hands!

We're thinking of heading out to KFC again sometime this week. If only the place weren't so damn far! Like I always say though - "Got two things to thank Kentucky for; the whiskey and the fried chicken!"

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