Sunday, May 29, 2005


Ever heard someone say - "It tastes like shit!"?

How do they know? They haven't tasted shit! Or have they?

Is Kimi Raikkonen the unluckiest guy in the world or what? Remember 2 seasons ago when he missed out on the Championship by what - 2 points? Remember how he would keep crashing out of races because of mechanical failure? Because his car would give out on him? And now today he crashes out due to suspension failure on the last lap of a race that he was leading!

Well, I'm not exactly the Finn's biggest fan (that's because I'm only 5'11" - 150 pounds!) and I may only have watched the last 7 laps of today's race, but my heart still goes out to the guy. With the kind of luck he's been having, he could probably take out a wager with himself and still lose! I wouldn't risk going out for a while, Kimi. Stay at home in bed where you know you'll be safe (although with your luck I still wouldn’t be sure)! To use an old Aussie expression - "You're luck's got the wood on ya, mate!"

Why are all the people named Shaggy so cool? (All two of them, I mean!) In fact I can't decide which one's cooler? Mr Boombastic or Mr I-got-a-talking-Dog-named-Scooby? This one's totally your call. It's too close for me.

In keeping with the "which-one-is-more ... " theme, here's another question. Which is more embarrassing - getting caught making out by your parents or catching them making out? Here I'm firmly with the latter!

And finally, ever heard of the 7th grader who's giving his name on the phone - "Perry! That's P as in pterodactyl!"

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cdc said...

F1 is changing like never before.after the new norms bout tires schumi and ferrari hav gone to dogs(poor animals hav to take blame for such phrases)
seems like others lobbied for the new norms knowinng ferrari's plus pts and turning it against them only