Friday, April 08, 2005

Strike Me Blind!!

Today I was witness to one of the most horrid sights one can ever imagine - a girl in college wearing a sleeveless top WITHOUT taking appropriate care to rid herself of certain unwanted hair! Yup, I wanted to gouge my eyes out. And to make things worse, she's one of the better looking girls around and so I had a pretty nice image of her in my mind. But that image has now been ruined, and I'll never be able to look at her the same way again. Not just her, I'm gonna be rather wary of any girl I see in college; even someone who isn't wearing sleeveless. I mean, if this female could do such a thing then anyone could. Damn! My faith in everything feminine has been shattered.
Girls, why can't you just trim the approriate areas? How hard is it? All am asking is smooth hair-free legs and well trimmed arm-pits. And if by some chance you don't wanna do it, then PLEASE do not wear clothes that expose the hirsute regions. There are some things NO ONE wants to see.
Today was also the Farewell of the Final Year Students in our Department; and as Third Year Students we were also invited. It was a lot of fun. Especially the part where the students themselves went up on stage and spoke about their feelings towards the staff and their fellow students. There was a also plenty of mimicing of their favorite (and not-so-favorite) teachers. Although some of it was rather harsh, it was all in good spirit and well taken by the faculty. My only regret was that most of the student speeches were in Marathi and I had to keep asking someone what the last joke was all about (thereby causing that person to miss the next joke)!
The Final Year Students have decided to institute a rolling trophy for best outgoing student of the department from the coming year onwards. I think I better start working on my acceptance speech now itself. *winks*
I've also come to the conclusion that all Maharashtrians have different surnames; unless they're a Joshi or a Kulkarni!
Any of them wish to disagree... ?

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