Thursday, April 21, 2005

Someone once told me...

... I disagree with everthing.
"No, I don't!"

... I ask too many questions.
"What makes you think so?"

... I am too sensitive.
"Now, why would you say a mean thing like that?"

... I am too inattentive.
"Would you please repeat that?"

... I use the F-word too often.
"Who the fuck gave you the right to make such a fucking statement?"

... I am too sarcastic.
"Yeah... Right!"

... I speak too much.
" "


hyperdimensional_supernovas said...

u r one HELL kind of a blogger joey.. liked ur ideas of y being a woman is gud.. didnt appreciate ur tryin to gough ur eyes tho.. whtevr.. tht whch's past shall not be discusd henceforth.. lookin 4ward fer ur nxt one..
and b4 i go... a toast...
to one despo,freakin blogger..
to u joe

ciao da..

Arnold said...

so finally a comment wont the *great* IIT eh!! dude.. wht i saw, i saw.. cnt help it any more can i..

anyways.. let's forget abt it..

Satpreet said...

Hey howcome you've got a comment box after AND before each post.... Some kind of anomaly... or is a pre-comment (like pre-crime from Minority rept.) kind of thing....

"Uh.. Oh... Arnold's putting up a post on his blog....

WAIT! I've gotta pre-comment him..

There you go - GOTCHA!"

arnold said...

okie! firstly, the pre-comment shit is actually a comment link for the above post.. (the dotted line throws you off!) so basically the problem is tht each post has two 'post'-comments (pun intended!) and no 'pre'-comments.. tht's because after adding the haloscan commenting facility, i didnt get rid of the inbuilt blogspot one!