Sunday, April 17, 2005

It's a Woman's Life...

Here are ten reasons why I think it's better to be a woman!

10. You can get through those tough oral examinations by simply wearing a short skirt and leaving the top button of your blouse open.

9. You don't have to pay for dates.

8. You live longer than men.

7. Bursting into tears will get you out of almost any sticky situation.

6. You have Women's Rights Activists and other feminists fighting for you all over the world.

5. You will never have to experience what a kick in the nuts feels like.

4. You're capable of thinking of other things besides food, cars and sex.

3. Multiple orgasms.

2. Ability to fake orgasms.

1. Any time you want to see breasts all you need to do is look down!!

1 comment:

Ganesh Hegde said...

you also have a higher chance,say 5 out of 10, to be good looking than guys.thought about that??