Friday, April 15, 2005


Today was a day of much debate and discussion in college about a particular topic - "Do more girls prefer jocks or nerds?"
Does the stereotypical tall, blue-eyed, well-built football player score over the equally stereotypical bespectacled, geeky, technical whiz?
My own opinion on this matter is quite firm; girls do prefer jocks over nerds! It's quite an obvious fact. That's why I was rudely surprised to find most of my female friends vehemently deny the same. They claimed brains came first and then looks afterwards. (Except for one, who was strangely adamant that she wouldn't choose either because she could have both!)
I fail to understand this. If asked to state my own personal preferences, I wouldn't think twice before picking the dumb model over the brainy astrophysics major. There's nothing much to think about. It's quite an easy choice!
I was unable to digest the fact that so many girls claimed otherwise. This led me to do what I do best - conduct a poll! The results were rather surprising. A large majority went for the nerds. I think the only safe conclusion we can draw from this is that girls are NOT very honest survey respondents!!

What do you'll guys out there say? There was, also, another equally interesting discussion; this time featuring guys' choices - Do you prefer boxers, briefs or hanging free?

Any comments?

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