Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Ever wondered...

... whether dogs call Doggy Style just Style?
(and what do they call The Missionary, while we're at it!?)

... if Egyptians really walked like in The Bangle's song "Walk Like an Egyptian"?

... what strippers would do for a living if man had never started wearing clothes?

... why Noah didn't just swat those two moquitoes?

... if colors look the same to all people?
(For example, even though we are both seeing the same color, say red, we may both perceive it in very different ways and never know the difference! It's just "Red" to us!)

... whether a hermaphrodite can get it on with himself/herself?

... whether God just created the universe to look like there was a Big Bang 15 billion years ago?

... if there were just 2 girls left on earth, whom would they bitch to each other about?

... whether animals practise homosexuality?

... how, in the cartoons, the bad guy just puts on a moustache and no one recognizes him?

... how only clothes that are bought just the right size shrink when washed and not those bought one size too big?


Anonymous said...

dude where did u get this from.. coz i have also read it somewhere... dont remember where.. cud u tell

Arnold said...

k... the Noah one is from RD (tht's Reader's Digest btw).. but the other's are my own.. wht makes u think i pilfered them straight outta somewhere?? :@

Anonymous said...

ok i can definitly answer one of you questions... many animals are homosexuals... for eg. sheep and also some form of deer.. theres a lot of scientific debate on the subject currently... chk it out

arnold said...

okie... then here's a better question - are gay animals looked down upon by their fellow animals like gay humans are????