Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Women's Day ?!?!

Today, 8th March, is supposed to be Women's Day. Here are some thoughts on the matter. And in case you expect me to wax eloquent only on how women are mistreated and abused in today's world, you've tuned into the wrong station pal!
I'd like to start off by stating that it seems to me that Women's Day comes more than once a year. I don't know why but I get that weird feeling. And even if it comes only once a year, that's once too often according to me!! *rolls eyes*
I fail to understand why the same people (read: women) who demand equal rights for both sexes also then in the same breath demand special privileges for women. If both genders are equal, then why does my college (as do all other engineering colleges) have 33% reservation for girls? Why have separate queues for ladies? And don't even get me started on alimony! Where are the cries for equal rights then? Call me a male chauvnistic pig if you may, but all this reeks of hypocrisy and must be done away with as soon as possible.
Don't get me wrong on this issue - I DO NOT condone all the shit that is being done against women in the world (and especially in this country). I have already made my opinions clear on that matter in an earlier blog post. But neither do I believe that someone should be given special rights just because she has boobs and I don't. Not at all.
Men and women are not the same. They're different. Not unequal, just different. Neither sex is better or worse. Do not give either sex special privileges. Doing so would only go against the whole "Equality for Women" concept, and for this reason I am against it.
I'd like to end by asking why Man's Day does not exist (and if does why is it so unheard of)? Any comments...?


Saurabh said...


Dagny said...

O arnie i expect u to b smarter thn tht ... I DUN DREAM ABT STRANGERS --- I was talkin abt MYSELF !
and yea..i feel so blessed ... finally i got sum words of "praise" (iff i may call them tht) frm u .. and ofcourse ur "thumbs up" ;)
neways..waiting for u to upload tht FACISM article on ur blog :)

Dagny said...
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KeTkI said...


firstly, i detest affirmative action because it only undermines our position even more.

secondly, i hate the whole "separate separate" thing they have going on. this creates even a bigger rift between the sexes.

thirdly, it is extremely stupid to have a Women's Day and acknowledge the fucking non-existent fact that women are still oppressed.

i hate women's day officially.

thanks for bringing things into perspective.

i shall make this into an entry on my blog.