Tuesday, March 15, 2005


Royston and I both hail from that tiny paradise state of Goa, and in our college that makes us rarer than an honest lawyer!
So you can imagine our joy when we find out about a week back that there's another Goan named Claudia over in the Electronics Dept. Since then we've been trying to meet her. But what with all the extra stuff going on and a bit of rotten luck, we've been unsuccessful uptil now. Whenever we meet anyone from the Elex Dept who knows her, she's never around. And neither is she around when we go to the Dept itself. Today we tried again, but to our misfortune, she had already left. As it transpired, today was her birthday and so she had left early.
A lot of our friends who know her are surprised we're searching for her and say something like, "Why do you want to find her? She's not a great looker."
And then we go, "You sickos, why can't you understand that the only reason we want to meet her is because she's Goan. If her name was Claude and she was a guy, we'd still be as interested in meeting her!"
Some people are just sick!!
Hopefully we'll have better luck tomorrow!

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