Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Wear your Attitude Day

Yesterday was "Wear your Attitude Day" in college. Loosely translated that means you can wear just about anything you want, so long as it covers the essential areas. For one day in the year, our supposedly traditionally-cultured college *rolls eyes* turns a blind eye to any garb that it would normally deem uncouth, immoral and "goes-against-the-indian-culture". So anything from the British royal robes to a bikini made from leaves would be tolerated on this day (although I doubt the latter has been tried by any girl as yet!)

Four of us, Royston, Animesh, Ruma and I decided to go with the 1970's Hippie look. After a lot of flea-market shopping and even a visit to a costume store the evening before, we felt like we had the necessary accessories to pull off the look. Turns out we were mistaken. Or at least three of us were.

Royston came with cut-offs, a bright blue floral shirt, a bandanna worn as a head band, lots of beads and sandals. Basically looking more like a Goan beach party lover than a 70's social non-conformer. His hair was a total let down (neat and short as it was) and we couldn't quite find a wig for him.

Ruma came with a long flowing skirt, a head band, lots of colorful beads around her neck, and looked like a gypsy girl. Not a bad look, but not exactly 70's either. There was just something missing there that I can't place my finger on.

Now for the cream of it all. Animesh - he came with this outrageously thick, dark black wig, a red head band, a earring, weird slippers, ultra-modern shades, and just about everything except what an actual Hippie would have worn. He looked like a cross between a Red Indian eunuch and a very, very, very (and need I mention again, VERY) ugly woman from the 70's. Throw in his gay dance steps and you get something that I would not even wish upon my worst enemy.

So that's leaves me as the only one who succeeded at the task at hand. I guess it was mainly because of my hair which is just so naturally made for the Hippie look. That thick mop of uncontrollable hair, which for the rest of the year is nothing but a curse, finally proved to be worth something. I also managed to lay my hands on one of my Dad's old 70's shades. I was decked in torn cut-offs, scruffed up sandals, a sleeveless vest and a head band. A coupla earrings, a ciggie behind the ear, a few beads around the neck and an old lighter completed the look. An absolute beauty, I might add. Shaggy from his old days. Jamaican. *grins shamelessly*

I also came to know yesterday that a poll has been set up on our Yahoo Group for the Weirdest Guy in our Dept in college. And guess what, I'm in the joint lead currently. Mixed feelings there. Happy to be leading, sad to be sharing it with someone else. Why would one want this rather dubious distinction, one might ask. Well, I've always been weird. It's the one thing I'm good at. I may as well be the best. What say?


Salil said...

Wierdest guy...who else is in the lead?

Dagny said...

Yeah arnie ... u rock ... no one (not jus in VIT but infact in pune as well) can beat u in being the "wierdest guy" ! : )