Wednesday, March 30, 2005

How to pass your time in college !

The following was penned down during one of my more boring lectures...


I see her face in my mind's eye,
She looks at me and aloud does sigh.

I know her eyes, her nose, her lips,
Her cute dimples and the curve of her hips.

I know everything and yet have no clue,
About who she is, or what I should do.

She knows me too, though nought can she tell,
About who I am, or where I dwell.

We've talked a thousand times before,
Plenty of stories and jokes galore.

That we're in love, there can be no doubt,
But sheer despair make me want to shout.

The love we share is of many kinds,
But we've only met in each others minds!


Anna said...

this was something that i really identified with... i even wrote a letter to that special (not sneaky)someone...
am still online...
bugged and bored..

Arnold said...

anna - you wanna share that letter with us? lol!