Sunday, March 06, 2005

One Wild Night !!!!

About a month back, 4 of my friends had participated in a quiz in FC and won free passes to Leather Lounge for couples. Yup!! The irony of the situation was not lost on me. Quizzers are normally the geeky type (read: lanky and bespectacled) and not very akin to clubbing. Add to that the fact that they were couple passes (meaning you had to have a girl to go with) and the whole deal becomes even more ludicrous!

Quizzers do not like to go clubbing. Quizzers also do not have girl friends.

Do not give free couple passes to lounges as part of the prize at a quiz.

Having said all that, the fact remains that these 4 blokes had the passes and had to do something with them. The were valid for a period of exactly one month and yesterday was the last date. One of the guys (probably the wisest) gave his pass off to his sister 2 weeks back. That left three more.
Another one sold his pass to one of my friends, Animesh, for 50 bucks. (Saturday night LL passes are worth around 800!!) I managed to get my hands on the other two passes at the last minute for free and Animesh and I, along with another guy called Taizoon decided to try our luck at LL.
We arrived at the place at about 11.00 pm. We thought we'd hang around outside for some time and pick up some girls to enter with. Our first mistake. None of the girls who arrived were without partners. No luck there. Strike one.
We then decided to try our hand at entering without the girls. The man at the door wasn't sure so he called the guy in charge who made it very clear that we wouldn't be allowed in without female accompaniment. Strike two.
We went across the road to this pub called Toons thinking we may be able to pick someone up over there. No luck again.
That's when I had the (bright?!) idea of waiting at the entrance to LL and trying to scalp our passes. I was willing to sell them for about half the going rate. Say about 400 each. So while the others waited near Toons I headed back to LL and set up stall just outside. In the next 10 minutes about 10 couples must have entered. But none were willing to buy. Some said they didn't require passes to enter, some just ignored me (the snobs!!) and some politely smiled and said no.
Now I had obviously realized that the LL management would not be too pleased about what I was doing, but I didn't give it much thought. I got a few hints from the valet parking guys to shove off but I paid no heed. After 10 minutes though, the door opens and this big bull of a man appears. He tells me without wasting any words that I could either leave immediately or have my face reconfigured. And by the looks of him I had no illusions about who would come out on top in a fight between the two of us. I quickly raised my arms in apology and vamoosed. Strike three. I felt like a street-walker who had just had her ass kicked by the cops!
I found the other two and told them the story. We decided to try another place down the street, Aqua Lounge. The entrance there was 300 for a couple and it was all covered inside. However, the absence of girls posed a problem once again. After waiting for a few minutes outside in the hope of something turning up, we went back to Toons and knocked down a few beers. Each trying to drown away the dejection of the lousy night we had had. And me still trying to shake that hooker feeling off!


Confuzzled said...

Should have gone to Scream ...picked up few girls and then headed off to Leather Lounge.

arnold said...

yeah.. now that you mention it! but something tells me it could never hv been as exciting as this.. lol!!