Sunday, March 27, 2005

Happy Easter

Another week has flown by, and the end of the term neareth. It shall be accompanied by the customary scramble to get in all one's sumbmissions before the tolling of the death knell. I fear sleepless nights lie ahead...

The weather has become unbearably hot, and it's still March! I do not wish to contemplate about what it will be like in the coming two months. I wish our college would establish a strict dress code consisting of the following -

All guys must come in basketball shorts and sleeveless vests.
All gals must come in hot-pants and bikini tops.

(People like Tejas Chitnis may have the liberty of choosing either attire, or even a cross between the two! ;-) )

I'm sure it would not only serve to beat the heat, but also ensure an appreciable rise in the attendance! I'm going to drop this suggestion somewhere in college. Let's see what happens!

Does anyone out there know the price of a second hand, reasonably well maintained Mahindra Classic Jeep? And also does anyone know someone who's selling? Any information would be appreciated.

And finally, A HAPPY EASTER TO Y'ALL!! Hope you received a visit from your little leporine friend ;-) !!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

to mr arnold
i happen to have gone through one of your blogs... it looks like u think no end of yourself. passing horrendous comments on certain people who dont even know of your existence leave alone crossing your path gives u a saddistic pleasure.
its because of sick minded people like you that certain people face a life of misery. people like you should be publicly flogged...
stop this nonsence