Saturday, March 12, 2005

What's a perfect way to waste time??

the following is a stupid fowarded questionnaire that i actually took the time to fill out (and now i can't imagine why!)


01. Full name:
>> Arnold D'Souza

02. Nicknames:
>> Arnie, Joey and 2by2 (don't ask me how that last one came about!!)

03. Eyes:
>> Black

04. Height:
>> 5' 11"

05. Siblings:
>> Yup. One sis - younger.

06. Do u like to sing in the shower?
>> Yeah.. quite often.. n then i come out n find a crowd gathered outside the door n am really embarrassed!!

07. Birthday:
>> 3rd Sep '84

08. Star sign:
>> Figure it out - i dun really know!

09. Address:
>>Like your gonna write ?! *rolls eyes*

10. Sex:
>>Yup would definitely like some!!

11. Right or left:
>>Right or left what?? Handed - right .. but political standpoint - DEFINITELY LEFT!!

12. What do you want in a relationship most:
>> I dunno.. or rather I know but can't really put it into words

13. Maritial status:
>> Single n happy

15. What kinda car do you have/want?
>> right now just have my motor-bike.. so i'd take just about any one that moved.. even like an old '83 ford pick-up .. lol


16. Movie
>> not much of a movie guy.. but if i had to pick - Ocean's 11

17. Song :
>> All time favs would have to be - Hotel California, Coming Back to Life, Sultans of Swing and Stairway to Heaven .. but there just too many others that i like to name

18. Band/singer:
>> Metallica, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Dire Straits, Guns n Roses, The Eagles, Def Leppard, Aerosmith, Bon Jovi n like a zillion more rock bands .. most of them from the 80's n early 90's...

19. TV Show:
>> F*R*I*E*N*D*S

20. Actor:
>>Brad Pitt ??

21. Actress:
>> holy crap!! this one's too hard to pick... umm .. jen aniston, a jolie, demi moore and meg ryan... there managed to keep it down to four!!

23. Number:
>> 23 (yeah, yeah!! becoz of MJ!)

24. Cartoon:
>> Garfield

25. Disney Character:
>> none!!

26. Colour:
>> blue .. n green (n maybe black too!)


27. Do you plan on having children:
>> i was dead against it until about 2 months back, but now i've changed my mind.. so yeah.

28. Do you want to get married:
>> again same as above.. was against getting married until someone changed my opinion about that too 2 months ago...

29. How old do you wanna be when you have your first child?
>> I don't really care .. maybe 28-30 ?!?

30. How old do you want to be when your married:
>>again dun really care.. but about 27- 28 ?!?

31. Would you have kids before marriage:
>> nope..

32. Do you have a b/f or g/f
>> no..... *sighs*


33. Music/TV:
>> music

34. Guys/Girls:
>> i like a group of guys... but i'd prefer one single girl anytime...

35 Green/blue:
>> blue (hard choice!)

36. Pink/Purple:
>> Purple (not so hard!)

37. Summer/Winter:
>> Winter (the summers here are infernally hot!)

38. Night/Day:
>> night

39. Hangin Out/Chillin:
>> is there a difference?? *looks confused*

40. Dopey/Funny:
>> Funny


41. Weird saying u have?
>> here's one that i dnt use often, but it's def weird - "why don't you take a flying fuck off a rolling donut!"

42. what skool do u go to?
>> i went to st. vincent's

43. Have you ever taken drugs?
>> nah

44. What's a major turn on for you?
>> in a girl?? hot body, good attitude (and it wudnt hurt if she was the daughter of a millionaire!!)

45. How far would you go on a first date?
>> far as she wants to

46. About Friends:

A) mOsT bLoNdE:
>> phoebe

B) BeSt person:
>> all of them (cept maybe monica!)

C) NiCeSt:
>> rachel ??

D) FuNnIeSt:
>> chandler !! (is tht even a questn??)

E) HaPpIeSt:
>> phoebs!!

F) StRaNgEsT:
>> def phoebs!!

G) MoSt CaRiNg:
>> mon?

H) SmArTeSt:
>> ross

I) BeSt pErSoNaLiTy:
>> i dunno... rachel ?!?

J) BeSt aLL aRoUnD pErSoN:
>> i like rachel

(okie n i just realized the above questions were supposed to be about my friends and not "F*R*I*E*N*D*S" .. but wtf!!)

47. Which 5 people would u trust the most:
>> dun trust noone!!

48. What do you think of soul mates?
>> i dun think of them !! (hehe)

49. Is it right to flirt if you have a bf/gf?
>> sure (if i do it... ) and of course not (if she wants to do it!)

50. What was the last thing you cried over or got teary about?
>> i dun normally cry.. in fact i can only remember dropping one tear in the last zillion years ... n that was because of a particular letter...

51 What's something about guys/girls you don't get?
>> guys - not much... girls - almost everything!

52. Are you happy?
>> not really .. but yeah.. i guess .. i dunno *scratches head*

53. Why?
>>why wht??

54. What's an object you can't live without?
>> nuthing... dun really give too much importance to objects..

55. Love or lust:

56. Silver or gold:
>> neither.. cept if u're talking about a medal.. then gold

57. Diamond or pearl:
>> neither again

58. Sunset or sunrise:
>> sunset

59. Have you ever gone skinny dippin ?
>> no but i'd like to

60.Do you sleep with stuffed animals:
>> no.. but if i'm sleeping alone (as i normally am) i sometimes hug a pillow!!

61. Do you have any piercings:
>> no

62. What colour underpants are you wearing right now:
>> gray

63. What song r u listening to rite now?
>> "Vulnerable" - Roxette

64. What are the last four digits of your phone number?
>> ..0952

65. Where would you want to go on your honeymoon?
>> the caribbean.. or maybe some greek islands.. some where by the sea def..

66. Who u want to spend the rest of your life with?
>> haven't her yet...

67. Football/soccer:
>> neither

68. What makes you happy?
>> putting on my special-magic-multicolored-happy-undies!!!

69.Do u wear contacts or glasses?
>> no

70. What's the best advice given to you?
>> to pay no heed to anyone's advice!!

71. Have u ever won any special awards?
>> yup i was given the medal of honor for my courageous efforts in vietnam!!

72. What are your future goals?
>> given it no thought

73. Worst sickness u ever had?
>> never had any major illness

74. On the phone or in person?
>> In person

75. Hugs or Kisses?
>> both

76. What song seems to reflect you the most?
>> cant think of any song...

77. If you died tomorrow who would you leave everything you own to?
>> my long lost twin brother who's currently working as a missionary deep in the jungles of borneo!

78. Do u have any enemies?
>> i prob do..

79. What is your greatest fear?
>> never finding that someone special.. *sighs loudly*.

80. Would you rather be rich or famous?
>> famous... rich... neither..

81. What time is it in Alabama:
>> does it look i fucking care??

82. Have you ever been in love?
>> a lot of passing infatuations.. but love?? maybe just once i think...

83. Have you met Santa?
>> yeah.. along with the easter bunny n the tooth fairy!!

84. If E.T. knocked on your door holding up a peace sign asking to use your phone...?
>> sure why not!

85.Talked about how u REALLY feel with someone u can trust?
>> yeah.. with only one person.. ever

>> nah

87. Email Address?

88. When have you been depressed:
>> many times....

89. Are you an alcoholic?
>> no.. but i do drink on occasions

90. Who sent this to you?
>> lars

91. What do you think of this person?
>> i think she's the most amazing girl i've known.. too bad she's my cuz.. (lol)

92. Do u want your friends to write back?
>> dun care

94. Which is better, League or Union?
>> what the fuck??

95. Name all of your friends:
>> which pee-brained ass came up with this questn??

96. What would you do if a person of the same sex tried to hit on you?
>> (it's already hppnd!! btw) get out of there.. fast!

97. What religion are you?
>> no religion

98. Do you agree with religions?
>> nope

99. Are you one of those people who wait for things to happen, or go out and make things happen?
>> second option

100. What is the thing you look forward to the most in your life?
>> finding the perfect girl!!!


siddharth said...

hey gr8 post. an amazing blog. arnold, start using haloscan commenting. u do write a lot man. U r blog could become the most popular in a few months if u keep it up.

Arnold said...

hey, thanks!
you know what they say - flattery will get you anywhere!

Terry Finley said...

Nice blog. Thank you.

The Medal of Honor for the
"Bravest of the Brave".

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