Friday, March 25, 2005

Gree-dee Dee-Dee ?

I have heard a lot about how DD’s coverage of the ongoing cricket series with Pakistan has been abyssmal. I normally hardly ever watch the TV and so had no first hand experience of the same. Today, I happened to watch a few minutes of the game and finally realized what everyone meant.
As pointed out by many others, no sooner has a wicket fallen or an over been completed, they go into a commercial break. This normally involves cutting the commentator off mid-sentence, and often they do not return from the break until at least a ball of the next over has already been bowled.
One other thing that I’ve noticed is that there is a small scoreboard under the DD logo in the corner of the screen during a commercial break. I realized it’s more of a necessity than a surlus, seeing as almost as much time is spent on commercials as on the game itself. I guess even the folks at DD have realized their mistake!

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