Saturday, March 12, 2005

I think, therefore I am ... BORED!!

Holy kabolies!! I've never been so bored in my life. Today was a holiday, which was bad because it only added to the boredom. Even watching the India-Pak series may seem interesting after this!! (Yeah, in case you haven't guessed - I'm not a great cricket fan, and don't really like watching the game unless Australia is playing *AUSSIE AUSSIE AUSSIE GO GO GO*!!!)

Yesterday, I was the judge at a programming contest, although calling it a programming contest is being a wee bit too generous for my liking. There were five teams in the finals none of whom were worthy of being called programmers. One team was so stupid they were actually writing down code in their notebook instead of on the computer. *shakes head in disgust* Another team solved only half a problem (out of the stipulated four) and left!!
Like I said, none of the teams deserved to win. But out of compulsion to declare a winner, we managed to pick out one team that sucked (only a little bit) less than the others. The team that we gave second place to were angry because they thought they should have won. In your dreams, buddies!!

Anyways, I thoroughly enjoyed myself because as judge you rule. Whatever you say goes. You can be as rude or as nice as you want. Made me feel like one of the judges on a TV Reality show. American Idol or something. FUN FUN FUN!

But it also made me want to take part in a PC again. Haven't been in one for so long. Almost a year, I think. And if all the PC's have shit-headed teams like these, then winning should be a cinch. But from past experience I know it ain't true. (Which makes me wonder all the more where these assholes came from?!?)

I've also decided to go on a weight-gaining mission. Yeah, I know everyone's trying to shed those extra pounds -but then hey! I've always been different. I'm currently only 143 pounds (143 pounds of pure, unadulterated muscle, I may add) and think it would be a good idea to put on maybe another 20 pounds or so. Of muscle not fat. Any suggestions on how to go about it are welcome. So far my best plan comprised of purchasing a "How to Shed 20 Pounds in 2 Weeks" book and doing the opposite of everything it said!!


KeTkI said...

finally arnie decided to leave a link on my blog. was dying of curiosity to know who the dude was crazy enough to read my full blog.
anyway, i love the post about intl women's day. mind if i continue the rant on my blog? only if you say yes of course. feel free to say now. you own the copyright =]

KeTkI said...

i meant "feel free to say NO" not 'now'. heh. oops.