Wednesday, June 21, 2006

New Commenting Policy

My policy on this blog so far has been to reply to all non-anonymous comments as far as possible. I have also, for the most part, refrained from replying to anonymous comments. The problem with such a stance is that a comment from someone named Bob (assuming I don't know a Bob), who doesn't leave any email address or website tracking back to him, is to me for all intents and purposes as good (or bad) as an anonymous comment. A smaller problem might be that "Anonymous" may turn out to be a popular first name in some country like Burkina Faso and if those people started commenting on the blog it would lead to a lot of confusion. For now, we shall ignore this.

So disabling anonymous comments would not make much sense. All of you who wanted to go anonymous would just comment using the name Bob. Also, allowing only those registered with BloggerTM to comment doesn't seem fair to others who have registered with blogging services like WordpressTM. Their only fault is making the wiser choice of registering with a better service and don't deserve to be left out for this.

The other possibility was disabling comments altogether. I rarely write about important stuff that merits a discussion anyway. However, this didn't seem like a good idea. Why stop you people from having your little bit of fun.

So instead my policy from now on shall be as follows -- I shall not be replying to any comments. I shall read all of them since I get a notification in the mail. I shall even stop to think about the ones that warrant a bit of thinking or hint at dirty ideas. But I will not be replying to them in the comments section.

If you feel you have something really important to say -- which I seriously doubt -- you can mail me at the address provided in the sidebar. I shall reply to these mails with the following exceptions:

Mails that -

1. Are extremely crass.
2. Are in a language that I do not understand.
3. Make fun of my mother.
4. Contain pro Communist statements.
5. Are from someone named Bob with an address like



Akanksha said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Akanksha said...

// had to correct sm typos *sheepish grin*

and here i was thinkin abt startin to comment on ur blog!!..
but after such a tough stance i think my lil comments would be wasted.. coz i like being replied to.. i dnt want to talk to a wall..

i kno mayb all comments r not enough to warrant a thought over but its common courtesy to reply to them considering that smbdy made an effort to read ur post and had smthing to day abt it!!

since i have nothing imp to say :(
this shall be my first and last comment..

do u even kno how high and mighty and bull headed u sound in this post of urs!!!!!!

Akanksha said...

see u coming and replyin to my comment in my blog just goes to show how dumb this policy of urs is..
if u want to say smthing abt my comment put another 1 in ur comment space ...

if i like reading smthing i would also like to say smthing abt it.. and then i would really like it if the other person would be gracious enough to reply bak!

GOD !! rethink ur policy dude!!

_ð!®†ß¤¥ said...

Good.. :)

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