Monday, June 19, 2006

How Did You Get Here?

Men tend to love statistics. You'll never hear a woman describe to her friend a guy who passes by as "42-32-34". Women don't care about statistics so much. But men can't get enough.

I'm a man and I like statistics too. And when there aren't enough beautiful women around, I have to look for them in other places. An excellent example being the statistics related to this blog. I use Sitemeter to track visitors to this blog. So there I was looking at some of the numbers and feeling very happy with so many statistics in front of me.

I focused my attention on the page that told me where people were getting to this blog from and what they were searching for. You may think of this as good customer care -- if I know what you people want to read then I can write about that. Of course, this isn't really true; but please assume it is.

There were a lot of referrals from blogs other than mine. These didn't interest me too much since they were either blogs where I was in the blogroll or one of the posts linked to something I had written. The one exception was a "referral" from "". (Sitemeter is really good and it told me this visitor was from Norway and even gave me his IP address. Why I would want this I will never know.)

For a few minutes, this was a bit of a puzzle indeed -- I was sure there was no link to my blog from Scott Adams' site. Then I was able to put that puzzle to rest when I realized that the same visitor had visited my blog a little while before that as well. (Here's where that IP address bit came in handy.) I concluded that he must have clicked the link on my blog to Scott's page and then hit the back button. If you are from Norway and are reading this and did indeed do that, please mail me to settle this matter once and for all. Do not try to fool me by pretending to be from Norway if you are not, because I will ask you what the capital of Norway is.

The other interesting entries were the Google searches that led here. Almost all of them surprised me -- some because I couldn't believe people searched for such things, others because I couldn't believe Google actually thought this blog was the appropriate site the particular search!

For example -- someone searched for "who are the kids that accompany world cup players onto the field" and this page of mine turns up as one of the results. Of course, it doesn't come remotely close to answering the question. If the guy who searched for that is reading this, I hope you've found the answer by now. And if you have, do tell me what it is. I'm just curious.


_ð!®†ß¤¥ said...

O fuck.. Commented on the other post by mistake.. Here i re-post the comment..

80.232.117.# is the proxy server for the opera mini web browser in my cellphone that i use to surf.. And the proxy is located at Opera's HQ, which is in oslo, norway.. Chances are.. its me..

Arnold said...

facesmasher - i repeat, what is the capital of norway?

_ð!®†ß¤¥ said...

The answer's already there in my earlier comment. I challenge you to Find it.. And if u do, go treat yourself to a candy.

Siddhu said...


I am Vidkun Quisling. I am from Norway.

I am Colonel in Norwegian army.

I like Hitler, and

Before you think I am lying on the basis of my IP address, I am currently in UK on holiday.

Siddhu said...


That was such a brilliant ruse!!!!!!!!!

Siddhu said...

Dude, the ladder theory is fucking awesome.

I have currently shown it to five female friends.

Five female friends disagreed.

I'm short five female friends.

Ahh! Who gives a fuck? I'm a nice guy who wouldn't have gotten to lay them anyway.

Arnold said...

facesmasher - indeed, i think we can safely conclude that you're the man we're looking for...

siddhu - ruse?? you mean your first comment wasn't true! dammitall, i'm becoming too gullible these days..

and here's a small piece of advice... the "ladder theory" isnt meant for showing to girls! It's for people like you to read and STOP BEING NICE TO THEM!

But you're right! It's fucking awesome!

Siddhu said...

I showed it to them, because I had given up hope of shagging any one of the five.

So might as well tell them I know that they think that I'm their IW! :P