Tuesday, June 27, 2006

My Comment Which Was Not Mine

Some days ago, I posted this. Some people were not happy and asked me to review the decision. Some other people were even more enterprising in their disagreement with my decision. One particularly bright soul chose to do the following in the comments section:

1. Write my name -- "arnold d'souza" -- in the name box.

2. Put a link to my BloggerTM profile in the web site box.

3. Write the following comment:

well, i have revised commenting policy.
And will henceforth reply to even anonymous comments.

This comment was on the previous post, but I have now deleted it.

Of course, hilarious (and ingenious) as this is, I cannot have people going around commenting on my very own blog in my name. However, I am a lenient soul. If this happens again though, comment moderation shall become the norm on this blog.

I also wish the person who did it a happy syphilis-inflicted life.


Anonymous said...


"A" said...

i somehow would like to say...

"aha you have met your match"

i dont believe that there are still ppl in this world with nothing better to do, than to figure out devious ways to pull a fast one on u !!!

_ð!®†ß¤¥ said...

Hehe.. That was nice.. I wonder who did that?

The Smiling Girl said...

oii maa... such a wish for the mistake that poor soul did ?
Enjoy karne do yaar...
These poor MAC(mean anonymous commenters) dont have anything else to do..

Arnold said...

smiling girl - Yea, I'm back to replying! Screw the MAC's!