Monday, June 12, 2006

Here We Go Again

Yippee, tally ho, cheers and all that! My computer is back among the living again. Don’t ask how -- some things are best left in the past. Of course, regular programming resumes.

The one year (that’s what it felt like to me, at least) that I was without the computer was almost like living in rehab. I’d become more addicted to it than I was conscious of. I’ve been without it for more than a week at a stretch in the past -- but that’s always been when I was out of station. And then you’re too busy to notice you don’t have a computer. So that doesn’t count.

But seriously, this was quite bad. Like I said earlier -- rehab. The first day was the hardest. Until I got to the second one. And then the third. You get the picture.

There’s almost something cool about the word “rehab”. You know, “I was in rehab.” It almost cool. I think it’s because we associate celebrities with rehab. Drew Barrymore goes to rehab. Eric Clapton goes to rehab. Courtney Love goes to rehab. Your boring, slightly over-weight neighbor Bob, on the other hand, does not go to rehab.

Rehab’s almost gotten cooler than the addiction itself! It’s like -- you do coke? Big deal! I’m in rehab! Coke shmoke! Been there, done that. And now it’s rehab for me. I’m one step ahead of you!

Meanwhile, I’m sure half of you out there don’t even know the full form of “rehab”.

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angeldust_xtc said...

lol, welcome back