Sunday, June 18, 2006

New Blogs

A recently conducted poll in the country concluded that the current leading fashions are:

1. Snorting cocaine.
2. Pretending to be a football fan.
3. Kissing a "has been" model at your birthday party.
4. Starting a new blog.

I am too poor to do the first, to uninterested in football for the second and despite numerous invitations I've never had a model turn up at a birthday party. Hence I've been left with little choice but to add to my blog tally.

Toward this cause, I hereby annouce the two other blogs where I am a co-contributor:

1. Triumph Des Villians -- Dispatches from the Frontlines in the War against Coherence.
2. Silly Point -- Experience Sports, Up Close.

I have already started posting on both of them. Please do visit. Especially the first.


Kunal said...

I demand you take that back! Rakhi Sawant is not a has been!

Arnold said...

kunal - i might consider your request.. if i *was* talking about rakhi sawant!