Monday, May 15, 2006

Chocolate or Vanilla?

Someone recently asked me whether I preferred chocolate or vanilla.

My reply:-

"That all depends on what you are referring to, of course. If you mean 'girls', I'd definitely prefer vanilla (and no, it's not called 'being racist'); if you mean 'sex', I'd take chocolate any day."

She first fainted (as all "good Indian girls" are wont to do on hearing stuff of this sort), then recovered, and clarified that she was referring to ice cream!

"Nah," I shook my head in a display of my vanishing interest. "In that case, I'd just pass on both and get myself some butterscotch"

What would you choose?


ruhey said...

blackcurrant is better

Arnold said...

ruhey - ok.. yea.. kinda have to agree!

visionunseen said...

depends again on what you are referring to, of course. ;p if you mean 'boys', i'd pass on both; if you mean 'sex', chocolate it is. and did you say ice cream, interest vanishes before i can decide.

Arnold said...

visionunseen - ummmm... how do you plan on tht chocolate sex without any guys??

*thoughts wandering here*

Anna said...

Vanilla, Chocolate and chocolate..

MaK-D said...

vanilla covered with chocolate...

Arnold said...

anna - ok.. similar to my choice.. except for the ice cream..

mak-d - HAHA!! now tht's a nice one! :)

visionunseen said...

hmmm... thank god the world is not all about choconilla guys! so you see you pass your dump cards and pick a new one from the deck, like the old game teaches you to.