Sunday, February 27, 2005

Why Me????????

Saturday was "Rose and Chocolate Day" college and it's totally ruined my life. It's destroyed my faith in everything I believed in, and to make things worse, resulted in me having to buy dinner tomorrow night for a girl I am not the least bit interested in. In fact anything but interested. Sure, she's not bad looking and many other guys might actually be envying this situation, but the truth I don't give a tiny rat's arse about her. Waste money on a dinner for that bitch?? Sheeshh!!!
And it gets worse - she's chosen the most freakingly expensive restaurant in the country. It's almost like she wants me to repent for something I've done to her in the past. And she's pure vegetarian. I swear, if she doesn't allow me to order the chicken - I'm gonna up and leave.
On a whole different matter, I'm planning to start a rock band. And be the drummer, of course. So now all I'm looking for are people who can perform the following roles -

*Lead Vocalist
*Lead Guitarist
*Bass Guitarist
*Rhythm Guitarist

All interested parties should contact me as soon as possible!!

1 comment:

Salil said...

So eat your fill and tell her those 3 words:

"Pay the bill."