Sunday, February 13, 2005

Love is in the Air

On the eve of yet another V-Day, I write this with mixed feelings. The gloom - of not having that special someone here with me - fighting a winning battle with the hope that I might yet find one. Disgust at all those who go around trying to impose their own lop-sided ideals on others. Especially those who do so by means of force. A happy feeling when I see couples together. Listening to their hearts. Hearts abroached by Cupid's arrow, letting the love flow out. Like honey on a Summer's Day.
Tomorrow is going to bring out the usual herd of wannabe Romeos in college. Oily hair, slicked back. Tight jeans, with a comb in the rear pocket. Card or rose in hand. Lines all rehearsed. Mustering up the courage. How can it be so hard? She's only human, you know. And girls, how about going up to that guy you always dream about for a change. Why does it always have to be the guy who should do the approaching?
Personally, I would never hit on a girl on this Day. It's much to cliché. Talk about unoriginal. But then again, should a golden oppurtunity arise - it wouldn't hurt to give it a try. I suppose we'll know for sure tomorrow.
I believe the opinions of most people about V-Day are far too narrow minded. As pointed out by C. S. Lewis in his book - there are four kinds of love. Not one, four! Affection, Friendship, Eros and Charity. And V-Day relates equally to all. Not just Eros, as supposed by most, or even Friendship; but all four. Go wish your Mom a Happy Valentine's Day. Or your Grandpa. Or the old lady you pass on the street. Or the teller at the bank. Or the attendant at the gas station as you fill up your car. Or even the urchin or the road. He may not know what it means, but it will make his day. And of course it goes with out saying, if a beautiful member of the opposite sex were to pass by. You may not receive anything back in return. No more than the warm feeling inside. But it's worth it. And it holds even if he/she isn't exactly beautiful.
Telling someone you love them is the greatest thing in the world. "I love you!" Three powerful words. Words that mean so much. The three most beautiful words in the world. Everyone loves it when someone tells them they love them. So don't hesitate. Don't think twice. Don't ponder. Go out there and say it. You never know when you may get a chance again. Life's too unpredictable. A drunk driver, a high tension wire, anything could change it all. Or maybe just nature taking it's course. A heart that stops beating in its sleep. Nothing is forever.
Well, those mixed feelings aren't so mixed any more...

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