Thursday, February 17, 2005


I got my results yesterday. My cousin was down from Toronto during these exams and I had feared she would have a catastroprohic effect on my grades. But to my utmost surprise, I managed to pull off a distinction. Not bad. Except for the 40 in TCS. For a paper that I felt deserved no less than 96. And people who probably didn't even know the full form of TCS were coming out with much more marks than that. It's a travesty of justice, I tell you. I feel cheated. But then I realize that my paper was probably so amazingly mind-blowing, that the poor retarded imbecile correcting it couldn't even understand it, and so I somehow manage to derive some solace from that fact.
Another interesting observation is that those who studied from the Jigars beat those who studied from the local textbooks who in turn beat those who studied from reference books.
Moral of the story
- the education system here has gone to the dogs
- run to the nearest bookstore and purchase a copy of the Jigar Series for every subject in the upcoming semester
- burn any copy of any reference book that you possess and slap a certain Head of Dept. as well as a certain balding professor who insist on students using only reference books
- do not write Nobel Prize winning papers for your University exam, AND
- ALWAYS have a (hot!?) female cousin around when studying for your exams!!

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