Wednesday, February 09, 2005

An Autobiography of a Life yet to come!!

Here's the way I see things for me in the future -

- Now I'm 20. For 10 years, I enjoy a bachelor's life filled with Bacchanalian revelry, alcohol, women, the works. I make my way over to New York where I work in this big well-paying firm. I buy myself a Porsche and use it to impress the ladies. I work days and party nights.

- At 30, I get married. I give up all the vices. For the next 10 years, I'm the perfect husband and model father. I've married the only daughter of a rich business tycoon, who dies soon after. I work hard to consolidate his empire and do pretty well at it. We have two sons and a daughter. In that order.

- At 40, I start to drink and smoke a little again. I spend more time on the golf course and less in the Executive Suite at my company. I throw big parties for all my Executive buddies, with cigars and brandy afterwards. The figure's still there thanks to the long hours put in at the gym. And so is my wife's. I'm still faithful to her and a pretty decent father to my kids. However, things are starting to go downhill.

- By 50, my marriage is ruined. My wife leaves me for another man. Less affluent but therefore, with more time to spend with her. I take enough money with me and head for the Caribbean along with a shapely 25-yr-old blonde waitress. We remain together for a year before I give her up. I then spend the rest of my life lying on the beach, sipping rum by day and laying bronze skinned Cayman natives by night. This last phase of my life is arguably the most enjoyable. Meanwhile, my daughter gets married to the son of a rival business tycoon. They're happy for a while but it doesn't quite work out. My sons fight over the empire I have left behind and in the fracas it gets taken over by a third party. The elder son, drifts along and finds himself in the Caribbean quite like his old Pa, where he spends the rest of his days as a beach bum. The younger son goes to South America and becomes a powerful drug-lord in Colombia.

- At 60, the booze finally gets to me and my liver gives in. I'm found dead one morning by the lovely lass I was sleeping with that night. She steals whatever she can and makes a run for a new life elsewhere.


Kunal Thakar said...

hey arnie, nice post dude. LOL

I will soon link you.

arnold said...

u ass!! u read it now??

lara said...

lol i prolly read this before .. nvr struck me how *UNlike* your life to come, this post actually is =) firstly you won't need a porshe to impress the ladies.. you'll grow out of your "lazy-ness" and work hard...hve kids, who you will NAME and not number {thanks to me} lol... and if i have anything to do with it, which i prolly will, i definitely won't let you smoke and always hope you wouldn't drink.. you'd beat the odds of divorce, as you do plenty of other odds..
you prolly will spend quite a bit of time on the beaches, sometimes with your wife beside you, who wouldn’t think of leaving you if she had any sense in her lol. you’re children would love you and take care of you when you were old and wouldn’t let you die from liver failure lol.

and of course we’d grow old together and our children and grandchildren would be as close as we are now =) and they’d get fed up of us cuz we’d talk to each other like *the two deaf men across the street* { cept we’d be right beside each other } LOL

Arnold said...

Lol! This has to be one of the nicest comments that I've ever recd... The post was supposed to be a parody, and things will indeed probably turn out the opposite...

And while the life i described was a lot of fun, I'd just as soon take the soon you spoke about instead... :D