Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Soccer, a girl, and a murder!!

If you could have someone killed whom would it be? Or if the thought of somone being killed is too ghastly, then let me rephrase the question - if you could have prevented any one individual from ever having existed, who would it be?
Now to the girl (let's call her M) story - I really want to tell her I like her and ask her out. BUT everyone tells me that she comes from a rather "traditional / orthodox" family and to approach her in this way would at best lead to a rejection and at worst invite trouble. They suggest a more subtle approach. Like getting into the basketball team (shes on the girls team), getting her into my committee for the Gathering (or conversely, getting myself into her committee) etc. Then after getting well acquainted with her, ask her out, very casually. And then take things nice and slow.
The problem with this whole idea is that, firstly, I don't really like the whole "subtle approach" thing (I'm more of a "if you like something, then say so" kind of a bloke). And more importantly, she has already caught me throwing more than a few glances in her direction, and wouldn't have to possess the mental faculty of Mr Holmes to deduce the truth behind them. Now, should I suddenly approach her with some casual point, it would just be too weird. Awkward, actually. So I'm in a massive dilemma and any suggestions / advice would be much appreciated. Quite like a cool beer on a hot summer's day. Either way, I'm going to have to do something soon. Can't afford to wait much longer.
Our soccer team lost today, yet another first round defeat. Yours truly was making his first appearnce after a year away from the sport. The villianous right ankle managed to hold up, but with all the defeats and injuries, I think should probably retire for good. Soccer just isn't my game. The match itself, made up in excitement what it lacked in class. The result could have gone either way, though in the end one would have to agree that 2-1 probably was as fair as it could have been. After an eventful but goalless first half, the opponents were awarded a penalty midway through the second. Seconds later it was 1-0. With time running down, we managed to knock in a rather fortunate goal, which came off a deflection of a defender. 1-1 and game on. However, with mere seconds to go, a defensive error on our part gave rise to one of the most powerful strikes in the tournament so far. Bottom right corner before our keeper knew what was coming at him. 2-1 and it was all over but the singing and the dancing. The fat lady started warming up and half a minute later gave us a soprano variation of "Waltzing Mathilda"! And what hurt even more than losing was the knowledge that two of the opponents best players were on the bench with injuries!!


konika said...

i am commento numero uno! woohoo!

Arnold said...

konika - lol... learning spanish now?? taking this rafael nadal craze a little too far arent we?