Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Of College and Country

Why is it that my college...

- Has staff that are so insolent, they would make a Russian KGB Assassin seem polite and pleasant.
- Has six-day weeks and daily hours that would make a Camp 201 in Siberia seem like a vacation.
- Has ridiculous rules like one that necessitates students removing footwear before entering Computer Labs, but staff may stroll in as they please.
- Probihit three-fourths and sleeveless vests for guys but allow girls to attire themselves in the same.
- Has a library that is despicably managed and library staff that derive perverse pleasure from speaking languages you don't understand.
- Has a Canteen that does not serve non-vegetarian food.
- Prohibits kissing/making out on campus and heavily "frowns upon" couple slow-dancing at the Gathering.
- Believes that the Music Concert during the Gathering should consist of no more than 2 English songs, neither of which may be Rock.
- Imposes enough assignments on students to ensure that they themselves turn into sadistic beasts.
- Does not conduct elections for Class President, General Secretary etc.
- Does not have a week's holiday for Spring Break.
- Has a severe paucity of parking space which thus ensures that the already puny sized ground is always filled with vehicles, leaving little space for any sporting activity.
- Has no locker rooms/showers or similar facilities for the students.
- Does not give the top sportsmen/women the same respect that the top academic students receive.

Why is it that my country...

- Believes in expectorating here, there and everywhere as the ubiquitous vile red stains bear mute testimony to.
- Believes in corruption to such a degree that little work can be ellicited from anyone without a pay-off.
- Treats women as identity-less objects that must be passed from father to husband through the ceremony of marriage.
- Adopts an inferior outlook towards women which has now resulted in many of them holding a similar opinion of themselves.
- Believes in parents choosing a spouse for their children, very often on the basis of caste, social status, and (horror of horrors!) horoscope.
- Believes in the "caste-system" instead of equal rights for every one.
- Does not offer any government assistance for medical aid, social security, unemployed citizens, etc.
- Has an absurdly low level of literacy, and even those who are literate have intelligence but lack sense.
- Has a population that is already over the moon and still growing at a rapid rate.
- Has roads that are little safer than a minefield and drivers with no more road-sense than uni-celled amoeba.
- A movie industry that spurns out rubbish in a colorful and musical guise.
- Has made prostitution and pornography illegal.
- Has more languages than the Tower of Babel.
- Has a climate that for most part will kill you, one drop of sweat at a time.

Any answers???

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