Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Is Anything I Have actually Mine?

You know how people always say, “Oh, she’s got her mother’s eyes!” or, “Yeah, he’s definitely got his Dad’s nose!”? Happens all the time, doesn’t it?

Well, I can never make out! I was never very good at matching body parts. If you ask me, I think I look at lot like Brad Pitt. Most people of course, disagree.“Brad’s not that good-looking,” they say!

It’s one thing to compare a grown-up kid with his or her parent, but to actually do that with babies is pushing things too far, according to me. What similarity can one possibly find between a cute, little baby and a rotund, balding man? None!

More often than not, the comparisons aren’t even sincere.

Enthusiastic Guest: Hey, little Susie’s got her Mom’s smile. And she’s definitely got your ears, Mr Smith. And I’ll be darned if those aren’t her dear Grandmother’s eyes!

Mr Smith: Yeah. By the way, she’s adopted!


Yashita said...
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_ð!®†ß¤¥ said...

Hey i assure you that nothing that u have belongs to you.. As yashita pointed out, u get em from your genes and lookin at you, those scientists now have absolute proof that humans have evolved from monkeys.. So in fact you owe em monkeys everything, man