Friday, September 23, 2005

Of Anonymous Mail [and Sunny Hail!]

A few days ago I posted this. The post has since been the recipient of some of the most ludicrously hilarious comments I have ever come across by an anonymous commenter. Please do read them, if you haven't already.

Much as I have always prided myself as a writer, I think I can finally admit I have met my match. The sheer writing flair of our anonymous writer leaves me speechless. His/her open mind and subtle understanding of sarcasm are of a pedigree that I haven't come across before.

Let's also not forget how caring and understanding this person is. He/she seems to be oh-so-concerned about my being able to find a girl for myself! He/she also seems to care so much about my future working prospects and how I might be able to save myself from being fired! I must say, I'm very touched. Thank you!

Well, I suppose I should also thank my anonymous writer for the fact that his/her first-rate writing has enabled this post to generate 28 comments [at last count, but I expect the number to grow] much more than any of my other posts. As an under skilled, and rather unsuccessful blogger, I'll take all the hits I can get!

Ah yes, and then to top it off, the self-modesty of it all - instead of signing his/her name and grabbing a share of the spotlight, he/she humbly chooses to sign 'Anonymous'! Words fail me here. I bow down.


siddharth said...

'His/her open mind and subtle understanding of sarcasm are of a pedigree that I haven't come across before.'
lol; nice post arnold.

Anonymous said...

Loved your post man!

Why don't you disable comments?

Then you can let everyone down your dose of how-to-handle-Women advice, without glitches.
what say?

met your match n all.. i'm happy for you just the same..

hey, i contributed to two of the comments. do i get a post in my honor too? :-D

~ Yet another anonymous, amused at how some other anonymous got a post outta you!

Abhishek said...

now that u're officially back - change the title of the page.