Saturday, September 24, 2005

Short Skirts and Other Joys

I think it's time to stop pondering about the important questions like "Why are we here?", or "Is there intelligent life out there?", and worry about the really important question of "When is it going to stop bloody raining?"

Days of incessant rains have turned the city into a veritable rainforest and I can't remember the last time I woke up to bright sunshine. I would never have thought I would actually say this, but why can't we just have a few days of that infernal Indian summer sun please? Guess there's some truth in that old aphorism after all - "You don't know what you got until it's gone!"

I was watching some action from the Sunfeast Open 2005 on TV today. I have to admit I have started to become a bit of a tennis fan in the past few months. The fact the players like Sharapova and Dementieva make it so pleasing on the eye has, of course, helped a great deal.

Here's an interesting observation. Eighty years ago, all women played tennis in long skirts. Then, as the decades progressed, the skirt hems kept rising. A few years ago, most female players competed in skirts that were so short that they would only fit the very loosest definitions of the word. Another popular outfit was the equally short one-piece attire introduced by the Williams' sisters. Under these short skirts, the players wore a pair of even shorter tight pants. Why have the whole formality of wearing the skirt in the first place then? Why not just wear the pants?

Finally, commonsense has prevailed. A fair number of the players at this year's U.S Open showed up on court in shorts and an even larger percentage have done so at the ongoing Sunfeast Open. Can't say that I'm complaining. Wonder what's next for women's tennis in the fashion department?


ravi rao said...

Whatever it is that women tennis players wear in the future i dont see myself complaining. Life is just going to get a little bit better.

siddharth said...

Fuck you man; what do you think of yourself? How can you play with other peoples feelings (read god). He can bloody well do anything with the wheather. Dun forget that if not for him, you'd be a miserable mite (not that you are any better at the moment) ;-) . And you have such shocking views about women and their attire! Those amazing ladies really train hard and play really well. And all you care about is sharapova and dementieva's looks. Get a life man. You really seem desparate. Have you ever noticed how much power the Sharapova forehand has? If she (or even a local tennis star for that matter) see your blog; they will slap you so hard that you will remember that god whose decisions about wheather you have criticised. And they also won't ever give you a Job.

Hey its really exciting getting into the shoes of this anonymous (or more than one actually) commenter. And its so wasy too. All you have to do is make yourself invisible conviniently (and safely. No one can point a finger at you and show that you are really dumb), and then just thrash everything in sight however stupid your observations are. Its just like writing an argument in the GRE where you strip it down, only that the argument in that case is really flawed. Do tell me if I managed the role of anonymous well; or are there any improvements required? Also do send me the shades of meaning and encryption tutorial. thanks.

arnold said...

LOL!! nice one, sid! u play "anon-commenter" really well! for a minute there i was like - "hey! where's sid?!"