Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Unsuccessful Ways to Impress Girls at Parties - I

She: What’s your name?
He: Can’t tell you.
She: What do you do?
He: Can’t tell you.
She: Where are you from?
He: Can’t tell you.
She: Ummm. Is there anything you can tell me?
He: Your breasts are too big, you wear too much make-up, and yea – word of advice – try wearing a bra.


Salil said...

Cheque please!

アディテア said...

Hope u didn't actually try that !

rahul said...

dude u seem to be quite experienced at this :P!!1

Mulling Over My Thoughts said...

and i thought that was the best way to impress women by appearing both mysterious and frank at the same time! wonder i know more women by their shoe sizes than their names!!!

Anonymous said...

hey you got a nice blog. Didn't find humour in this post though. It's kinda forced

And thanks for visiting my blog :)

Arnold said...
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Arnold said...

Rahul - I wish. I only wish.

Mulling Over My Thoughts - HTF do you know their shoe sizes?? :P

Sanjukta - Humor varies from one person to the next. You're right in the sense that this isn't a 'normal post' of mine. But, apparently some others have found it funny.

Mulling Over My Thoughts said...

cause thats what i see when i get their heel in my face!

Arnold said...

Mulling Over My Thoughts - Ah! El Classico!