Thursday, July 31, 2008

Stand Up - 2

The girl I ate lunch with today was complaining that I was too busy looking around all the time. Well, let me tell you something – guys are always looking. I’ve yet to meet the guy who wasn’t “looking”. In fact, guys are born looking. They come out into the world, see a cute looking mid-wife, they go – “Hey there, sugar. Leave me your name and number. I’ll get back to you. In about twenty years.”


Epiphany said...

If we keep looking in one direction...wouldn't that just make us horses! hmm...I guess that is what women mean when they call a guy a stud! ;)

Gauri Gharpure said...

i agree... always looking around, with an amazingly sharp eye at that!!

Arnold said...

@Epiphany - Good spot -- but isn't it the guys who look in the most directions that are considered 'studs'?

@Gauri Gharpure - Am I getting support from a girl here?