Thursday, October 19, 2006

Beauty Tax

I believe beautiful people should pay more tax. In this world, “being beautiful” equals “potential money making opportunities” and I don’t think this is fair to the -- ummm -- “physically” challenged souls of this Earth.

I’m not saying that ugly people don’t, or can’t, make it big in this world. I’m just saying they have to try much harder. A girl who’s exceedingly beautiful is likely to be guaranteed a good life even with very little effort put in on her part. If she tries a little, she could probably end up really rich and famous. If she works really hard, she might even become queen of her own kingdom with her own personal poop-picker. It’s a lot harder for someone with a misshapen nose to achieve all this.

How many beautiful people do you see asking for alms on the streets? Okay, it’s hard to look really “hot” when you don’t have money to spend on cosmetics or afternoons in the salon, but I’m sure you can’t hide natural beauty. Take an actress and make her live on the street for a while and something tells me she’ll still be significantly more beautiful that the people around her.

Of course, in order to tax people, one would have to come up with a metric for measuring one’s beauty. Here’s what I propose. Have each person go up to 100 random people of the opposite sex and ask for charity. It’s a known fact that people are more likely to donate money if the person asking for it is good-looking. According to the amount of money collected, one’s taxes can be measured.

That’s my Stupid Law For The Day (SLFTD).


Anonymous said...

being one of the "physically" challenged souls on this earth ;) I definitely wouldn't mind giving those pretty faces something to feel sad about... (i know i'm being mean...but i'm tired of being nice)

Rachel said...

What would you do with the extra tax that the beautiful set would pay?

KT said...

nice one macha. you are turning more and more into a scott adams.

Saltwater Blues said...

LOL ... you should be in the government Arnie!

Arnold said...

rachel - Subsidize the beauty industry for the uglier set?

kt - If only, maccha, if only!

saltwater blues - One of us "Arnie's" already is... Are you sure another one would be a good idea??

prado said...

Hmmmmmmm. Just pray hard that you be transformed into a hot babe. haaaaahaaaa.

Pranay said...

Hey have thought about it a while there a difference between how beautiful people live and how us ordinary people live.
They really are priviledged people.
Some are unlucky though...u know all that unwanted attention..

Sidd said...

Wouldnt work for men,

Anonymous said...

Think about this,
What if that caused people to go around the place doing things to make themselves uglier???
Haha... In ref. to the last blog..
How badly would u want vital stats then????? :D

Renuka Apte said...

This is sooo not true in geekosphere! The axiom they have here is 'If she's beautiful, she is dumb!'... Infact I suggest beautiful girls here need a raise, mostly to have the patience to put up with some bloated egos!

Blogger said...

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