Sunday, October 23, 2005

Why Your Parents Will Never Get Embarrassed

I'm starting to believe that parents don't have that particular gene that makes us feel embarrassed.

It's a strange gene, actually. Let's call it the E-Gene. Babies don't have it. Nothing will embarrass them. You can say anything, you can make them do anything - it's all okay! The gene isn't there yet. So they don't get embarrassed.

As you grow a little older, the E-Gene begins to kick in and take effect. The age at which this happens varies for each one of us. For some it may be as early as 4-5, for others it may be as late as 8-9. But sooner or later, it sets in. Suddenly, you're too shy to do a lot of things in public. Things that wouldn't have seemed like a big deal a few years earlier are very embarrassing now.

As we grow older, the E-Gene's presence becomes more and more pronounced. It peaks sometime in our late teens. At this point, almost anything that anyone you know does is a source of embarrassment to you. You don't want to take your younger siblings out with you, because they embarrass you. You don't want to go out with your parents either, because they too embarrass you. The only other people you don't mind associating with in public is people your age. Because their E-Genes are at their peak too, so they are careful enough to do only what's 'cool'!

After a few years though, the potency of the E-Gene begins to wane. This process commences sometime in your mid-20's and takes full effect around the time you get married. When you begin to have kids, your E-Gene is on its last legs. Too weak to do anything, its presence is more in name than in effect. And by the time your children enter their teens, your poor, old E-Gene is history!

The biggest trouble with this cycle is that the waning of one's E-Gene in parenthood matches almost precisely with the waxing of one's children's E-Gene during their childhood.

As you can expect, this causes nothing but trouble! Bottom line - all kids are embarrassed by their parents' actions. Whether it's their Mom's slower-than-hell driving, or their Pop's old trousers that clearly belonged to a century that is well and truly in the past, the kids are embarrassed. I am willing to bet that there isn't a teenager alive who hasn't been a situation where something that his or her parent did made them want to crawl into the ground. Don't blame them. Just blame an E-Gene misbalance!

The parents never get the powers of their E-Genes back again for as long as they live. The only saving grace is that their kids start to lose theirs too after a little while. And then everyone can settle down peacefully.


Anonymous said...

ask uncle pai

surely there is nothing like e-gene in babies..though it is possible that the parents have a control over it as u grow...what i mean is..that e-gene dosnt start showing its effect all on its own..the parents control it as they bring up their child..
the parents would bring the child up as their parents did...and if that triggered the e-gene in them..the same thing will trigger the e-gene in their children...and it seems to look like its being transmitted although its not!

Renuka said...

well i dunno bout babies... but how can u be sure ur parents havent written the same thing bout u... how dyu kno they rnt telling THEIR friends how their son doesnt have this E-gene at all! U talk bout cool without realizin wat ur parents do is absolutely cool for their generation...and wat u do...ur dressing or thinkin or expressions probably embarrass them a hel lot...remember the time u asked stupid questions in public n pointed out wen ur parents told a white lie or wen u acted so bad ppl had 2 turn around n say..."tsk tsk wat upbringing"...i believe each of us at all ages has this E-gene u talk about..its jus that the definition of wats cool n wats not varies from generation to

Saurabh said...

Arnold my man ... you're a genius :)
When's your thesis coming out on this particular topic ?

Anonymous said...

Not far away from Pinnacle:

Well, i could be one of those who was never embarassed with my parents being around..

In that case, the E-Gene must've been dormant in me I suppose..

But that was my POV..
Your thesis does hold true in general..

well, good job.. keep it up!

AB said...

He,he,he, This is realy funny, and only because there is some truth to it. When I was fourteen, I couldn't even make a phone call, I was so extremly shy.I have become more confident, with time, but when did you say it's supposed to start wearing of? I am still hiding in a room somewere on a computor, rather then out with friends. I think some people are just shy for life. Oh yeah, my children do embarress me to, and they are not nearly as shy as me. My seven year old son was going up to people in the grocery store they other day saying "Did you know I am not shy! Well now you do" I wash floored with embarressment. :) AB