Tuesday, October 11, 2005

I Feel Sick!

I value few treasures in life more than my right to freedom. Consequently, there are few things that peeve me off more than to see that right being snatched away from any individual.

Freedom comes in many forms. One of them is the freedom of thought. Another one is the freedom of speech. Or to be more general, the freedom of expression. And one of the means of expressing one's self is through one's writing.

An finer example of a violation of this right than what has recently transpired to Gaurav [Part 1, Part 2, Part3, Part 4] would take you a long time to find. To cut a long story short, the points that he raised regarding IIPM were not taken very lightly by the guys down at the institute. They raised hell in the most obnoxious manner that one could expect - I mean what is the meaning of filing a lawsuit for Rs 125 Crores? And why get his [now former] employer IBM into the picture by threatening to burn their Lenovo laptops? How daft are these guys?

The manner in which Gaurav responded to each of their threats might on the face of it seem impulsive and rash. But I strongly disagree with anyone who would care to think so. I vociferously support him in his actions. I think he has stood up for what he believes in, and I commend him on that!

Money plays a huge role in this country. Far greater a role than it should play. An organization with money can try to arm-twist anyone it so desires. And this is wrong.

No society can progress until its common man is given his freedom. A society that denies its citizens this fundamental right is necessarily an archaic and repressive one. It would not be very unlike what the regimes in Afghanistan and Iraq were. Progress in such a society would come to a complete stand still.

The methods employed by IIPM to respond to the criticism against it leave a lot to be desired. They could very well have tried to refute his claims with proof to the contrary. But that didn't happen. They decided to choose means that one would have laughed at, if only this wasn't a serious matter.

I would like to express my complete solidarity with Gaurav for both his desire to express his views and his determination to fight for what he believes in. Here's wishing him all the best!

Cheers, mate!!


KT said...

I am tipping Desipundit.com about this post.

siddharth said...

ob man, IIPM junta is real shady. they put their cup level everywhere. btw, thadaal blog da. also put : http://vinodg.blogspot.com/2005_02_01_vinodg_archive.html the 6th feb 05 post.

Pleiades said...

You might soon be the recipent of the much spoken about "notice" from IIPM yourself.
She - http://absurdiav.blgspot.com - was issued one today.
What do these fools intend to do next?? Sue the blogworld!! Dumbf***s.

Aditya Pethe said...

You know Arnold, this is probably one post of urs which everybody , rt from the anons will agree with u. ;) Bizzare,sad issue. IIPM sucks big time!!

jomy said...

hey again,

Cudnt have worded it better ...

I just hope that the issue doesnt get hushed up, and if we have like "Law " in the country ...the guy should be given the punishment he deserves .

All the best to Gaurav ..man ...U Rock !!

neel said...

We've reached that stage where its basically a no-brainer as to who's in the wrong man. I've spoken my mind about this on my blog, and I'm pretty sure the rest of us bloggers are doing it right now too. Hang in there, gaurav.

Kunal said...

Yeah, man, fight the power!

And yes, Dani, we know you went to Chennai recently.

Harsh said...

Bravo, Gaurav!
Bloggers of the world,unite!
Support Gaurav against IIPM!
It's time to shock and awe those liars.

Nikhil K said...

And I add my voice here

Nikhil K said...

And I add my voice here

Anonymous said...