Monday, January 22, 2007

My New Ambition In Life

(Alternatively titled -- "Why I Wish I Was Named Zystemimes Zestyis")

I guess it would be fun to be the “Most Famous Person in the World” with a particular name. I’ve always been a fame-seeking kind of chap. Given a choice between wealth or fame, I know I’d pick fame. I’m assuming, of course, I’m in a hypothetical world where I couldn’t use my money to buy fame or my fame to make money. In other words, if I could have one, and only one, of the two, I’d pick fame.

Some [last] names are common. For example, who would you say is the Most Famous Smith in the World? I don’t know. I know the Most Famous Clinton in the World is a lying, intern-bedding, former president whom most of us hate and yet most of us love. (The only person who could have beaten him to it was probably aborted sometime early 1998 or is a grade-schooler living in anonymity somewhere.) Either way, we all know who the Most Famous Lewinsky in the World is.

The winners for Jordan (Michael over Peter André’s wife), Hemmingway, Gates, etc are easy to pick. Who wins Johnson? Or Williams?

It’s easy to see that your chances are pretty negligible unless:

1. You’ve got a name that isn’t very common, and
2. There isn’t already a VERY famous person with the same name.

Considering that let’s where I stand. Arnold’s not too common, but unfortunately for me someone’s already nabbed it. I’d have to assassinate a President using only a water-pistol and with my eyes closed and follow that up by making love to his wife while letting his children watch, to have any hope of winning that category. I don’t see myself attacking people with water-pistols just to achieve my silly ambition, though I might be willing to sleep around after that. Bottom line, I’ll have to satisfy myself with second place in the “Arnold” list.

There is, however, some good news. I don’t know any VERY famous people whose last names are D’Souza. (I’ve checked and Google doesn’t seem to either.) There are a few enterprising individuals with this name scattered here and there, but it’s safe to say there’s no Clinton. So that’s my current plan -- to become the Most Famous D’Souza in the World. Now, all I need to think about is how. I’m guessing drinking 23 cans of beer in 2 hours should about do it, but I’ll give it some more thought.

This is my new ambition in life (until the next one comes along, at least).


Rachel said...

Is that your last name or would you have to change it.
My last name is quite common so there isn't anyone who stands out in particular.
I don't want to be famous. I would pick wealth in a New York minute.

Arnold said...

rachel - That is my last name.. What's yours, pray tell?

Rachel said...

Sorry, No can do Arnie. I don't disclose my last name because I am listed in the phone book and you would be able to find my home address as well.
I don't think you are a stalker or anything but I have made it a policy not to disclose it.
I will tell you that it is a British last name.

Arnold said...

rachel - Fine! Fine! Keep it secret if you wish.. (Though why I would bother checking up a Michigan phone to find out an address when I'm in a whole different country (nay, continent) is slightly beyond me!)

Rachel said...

Arnold ~ It wasn't you I was worried about. I have a link to you from my blog so anyone who traipses over here from mine could have seen it.

Arnold said...

rachel - okay.. peace and all that :)

babooza (well not really) said...

If my first name was Babooza and last name 'johnson' 'williams'... I could still be remembered. The word 'babooza' will surely ring a bell in anyone's headwho has heard my name even once

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