Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Me For President

“Ladies and gentlemen, and all you other people reading this too, I hereby solemnly declare my intention to run for President in the 2008 American presidential elections. Thank you.”

Yes, that’s it. I’ve “thrown my hat in the ring” and “jumped in the fray” or whatever other overused media cliché takes your fancy. It seems to be the “in thing” right now, and why should I be left behind?

Okay, let’s face it -- I’m Indian. That seems to bear heavily against my chances. Common logic would suggest that a retarded beaver has more chance of getting elected to the White House than an (Eeww!) Indian. (Some people might even say one beaver’s already proven that. Twice.) But let’s not forget that these are times of extreme out-sourcing. Isn’t the Presidency just a job after all? And aren’t all American jobs being sent to India? If I can answer your calls about why that paper plate you put in your microwave seems to have yellowish flames emanating from it, then I’m guessing I can decide on your national budget too. (It’s almost the same thing. Really.)

My next “problem” would be that I’m unheard of to the average Joe on the American streets. I believe this is a good thing. It seems to me that most voters vote “against” rather than vote “for”.

“Well, Joshua’s gay. But’s Harry’s a gay pedophile who’s likes to strangle little boys once he’s done with them. I know whom I’m voting for!”

“Hmmm... John’s is an incompetent idiot but his opponent’s a woman. Go John!”

If the voters haven’t heard of a particular candidate, they don’t have an “against” against him. This is totally in my favor. Right now the Americans seems so cheesed off about both the Republicans and the Democrats that I believe a “weird, brown guy with a slightly tacky accent” might just stand a chance.

Of course, as the old theory goes, the taller guy with the better hair normally wins. I’m reasonably tall and I’ll get a haircut. Put all that together and this ought to be a cinch.

Policy making might prove tricky at first -- assuming I do get elected -- especially since I am not aware of the nitty-gritty of American politics and don’t really understand the basic needs of the American populace. However, I think I’ll be able to manage pretty well with a coin to flip and a couple of dice to roll. I’m sure I won’t do any worse than the current administration, at least. As far as foreign policy is concerned, that’s pretty simple. Don’t go to war in/against any country where the general population likes to use car-bombs. (Also, become good friends with Jon Stewart and Jay Leno. But that’s not as important.)

Nominations for my “running mate” are now welcome, as are cool campaign slogans.


Kunal said...

You seriously think you can beat the Christopher Walken-Willem Dafoe ticket?

Rachel said...

With a name like Arnold D'Souza you should be in like Flynn.
Americans like names that are easy to pronounce. That is why you have never seen a Warkoczewski or a McGeezerbottom win the Presidence.
Now if they would just get rid of those pesky rules about being a natural born citizen or being 42 or older you might just have something here.
For a Slogan it could be something like:
D'Souza ~ From bandleader to leader of the free world.

Arnold said...

kunal - Christopher who?!? That guy doesn't even know what he's got coming!

rachel - I'd probably first have to get from being "sitting-on-my-ass" leader to bandleader... Those damned rules you mentioned though are sure a bugger..

Sidd said...

Leader of the Free world?

Er..leader, aite, but free world!!?




Oh, the world where 'War is Peace', and 'Ignorance breeds Strength'.

Long live Ingsoc.

Not very original, but how about that as a campaign slogan. You could distribute Nineteen Eighty-Four as your manifesto. Anyway, you're actually being honest, then; not any different from the leaders of the "free" world.

Ingrid said...

i might be askin a not so relevant question to the the way...which Joshua were you refering to?

Renuka said...

You'll seriously get a haircut if they agree to make u President?? I thought it would take more than that to convince you!

marshal said...

i'll vote for u.. but again.. i'm not american. alas!