Friday, April 28, 2006

Kids, Look Out!

I was at a quiz last Sunday, where Kunal’s BA exams, ‘The Curse of Dani’ and a bit of good fortune on my part all conspire to result in my partner for the finals being Shamanth Rao. Of course, in actuality, this meant that our team was just Shamanth, with me providing the emotional support that one might expect Victoria Beckham to provide at an England World Cup match.

After the quiz, (let’s not dwell on how it went), some kids in the audience run up to Shamanth and start asking him something. He duly entertains their queries and they then leave. Now, Shamanth’s from Madras, works here, and it seemed strange to us that he would know these children from the crowd.

So we ask him about it.

“How do you know those children,” we say. (What else?)

“Well, da,” he begins his reply. “I keep a log of such people. Know what I call it?”


“A pedo-file!”

Hajaar funny!

(Before any of you rush to beat him up, or blacken his face, let me assure you he was “kidding”!)


_ð!®†ß¤¥ said...


U actually sed something in hindi??!!


Salil said...

Hazaar is Urdu, actually.

Kunal said...

Its actually IITM lingo (missplelled IITM lingo at that).

Arnold said...

kunal - wht's the correct spelling then? "hajaar"?