Saturday, September 16, 2006

If You Had To Whom Would You Choose?

Everyone's always fantasizing about people belonging to the sex they actually prefer to get jiggy with it with. For me, that would mean females. However, it would be interesting to know who's on the top of your list of people from the "other" sex. Here are five guys I wouldn't mind crossing the fence for:

1. Jim Morrison [if he were alive and still young]
2. Colin Farrell
3. Prince Harry [yes, the younger brother and not the older one]
4. Paul McCartney [from a couple of decades ago]
5. Roger Federer [had to throw a nice guy in there somewhere, just to be fair]
5. Criss Angel

Who are your five?


Varun said...

what the fuck???!?!??!?!

Siddhu said...

Dude, that's gross!!! :P

"A" said...

you've finally found the key to that closet you were in.

Arnold said...

"a" - haha! funny.. must remember this joke for future use!

konika said...

fed? FED???? Rafael Nadal's a nice guy. if not nicer.

Some chick said...

dunno too many guys who'd even think of this.. let alone write it as a blog.. nice one.

some chick said...

oh and one chick i wudnt mind crossin the fence for -- Angelina Jolie... She s hot!

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