Thursday, July 27, 2006

The Story of My Life

Laziness has ruled the 21 years that I've walked on this planet. I've just returned from a rock concert and I think I can sum up the story of my life by the following two lines:

Most people go to a live concert and are inspired to pick up some instrument. I go to a concert and the most I'm inspired to do is grow my hair.

Seriously, I need to wipe the dust off the guitar that is lying in my room.


Anand said...

Hey dont worry..there are enugh lazy souls like u ard!!
I tried strumming the guitar a few yrs back..gave it up coz I realised I was tone -deaf..I just cant make sense of music!

shreevardhini said...

hey all...have just put up the last post on my blog...please check it out...will miss being here...will keep visiting all the blogs though :-)