Saturday, July 08, 2006

Opposites Attract?

I've never agreed with the whole "Opposites attract" aphorism. It doesn't make much sense to me. Why should people who are completely different from each other fall in love for that reason? If opposites did attract, the rich would have the hots for the poor, the handsome would be dying to date the ugly and I don't seeing of these things happening. If the statement were true, Angelina Jolie would be with the fat, hairy, bald man living opposite my house. When I last checked, she was with Brad Pitt.

Speaking for myself, the person I fall in love with would have to be very similar to someone I already like a lot. So whom do I really like and admire?

The answer? Me! I very much love, admire, and adore myself.

Thus, logical reasoning would lead me to believe that my perfect girl would be very similar to myself! Of course, there would necessarily have to exist some small differences though. For example, she would have to be a "she". She would have to be richer and hotter than me. She would also have to be stupider than me, in order to fall in love with me in spite of the facts stated in the previous sentence. But other than these trivialities, she would have to be quite similar to me.

I cannot imagine myself ever falling for a nice, quiet, simple girl.

Do you believe your perfect mate will be more like or unlike you? Tell me.


Ekta said...

hey arnold,
Happened to reach your blog and cldnt resist commenting!
Well me and my husband are as opposite as they come and yet we did fall in love!!!
I dont think love has to do anything with the other person being different or similar.

However I do agree that the more different you are the more effort it takes on ur part to get to know and understand and accept each other!

"A" said...

so u trying to say that this "chick"
would be
1 having a rug for her hair
2 staying awake at night and sleeping in the day
3 running off to strange places and draging other frnds along
4 acting like a Psycho ....sometimes


"A" said...

oh and just another thing ...whats the
565 doing below that symbol?

(dont bother....i was just seeing the film "national treasure" and was reminded of the davinci code while i was at it ....maybe that y i am asking such banal questions )

_ð!®†ß¤¥ said...

u r totally gay, man!!

Saltwater Blues said...

u better join the priesthood! :)

Siddhu said...

Lol! You narcissist. ;)

As far as I'm concerned, all I believe in is,

'If there's grass on the wicket, let's play cricket'

Anonymous said...


ggop said...

Pretty honest post :-)