Friday, December 23, 2005

I Think I'm Going to Pass

I am no quizzer, and I have no pretensions about being one either. I couldn't quiz my way out of a paper-bag, so to speak.

I have been to a few quizzes over the past some months, due in large part to the cajoling of Messrs. Kunal, Salil and Siddarth, and I am yet to fully grasp the concept. Sure, I lucked out at one quiz and made some money, which ensured that my net quizzing experience was not in the red; but other than the slight monetary profit, there was nothing that appealed to me in a positive manner.

In fact if anything, the concept was a tad boring. Being sat in one place while some bloke asks you questions which you can't answer? That's what my 12 years of schooling were like! Why would anyone want to go through that again? I suppose I might look at things in a slightly different light if I knew the answers to at least some of the questions. But to wish that, is to wish in vain.

I don't count Indian movies, Indian mythology, Indian music, popular fiction, the Asterix comic series, or business [all favorites of quiz-setters] among my most loved topics, and to attempt to sit for a quiz in such a situation would be akin to running the Boston Marathon on a wooden leg - if you're hardy enough, you may get through to the end, but don't expect to win anything!

I think one of the strongest arguments in favor of the absurdity of quizzing, is the sheer dearth of females involved in the "sport". A female participating in a quiz is as rare as an honest lawyer, a female actually organizing a quiz - well, that's still in the realm of fantasy. Trust the more intelligent sex to stay away from something that makes no sense at all. If only these hard-headed men would get that into their brains.

So just why do guys quiz? The better ones, I suppose, make some money out of it. The rest? Well, that remains one of this world's tougher mysteries.


Salil said...

Ok I think your ideas are totally absurd. I could have commented a lot here, but here's a post that sums up much that I've got to say:


Arnold said...

and *I* think your comment is totally absurd...

i think u're beginning to take this blog too seriously :D

Arnold said...

I don't think you've understood what I'm trying to say. Namely, that *I* don't like quizzing. There will naturally be some people who *do* like quizzing [like you guys]; I just don't see where you get your kicks from.

Of course you guys will defend quizzing, like basketball players will defend basketball etc, and there's nothing wrong in that. But that doesn't mean *we* have to think of it as anything but a boring method to get some cash at best, and a complete waste of time at worst!

KT said...

fuck you