Friday, December 23, 2005

Adam Good. Eve Better.

We are all, at some point or the other, given to having strange fantasies. One of my fantasies involves imagining life as a woman.

People fascinate me; and women, in particular, even more. I mean this in a completely asexual manner. Or at least, in a manner that is for a large part asexual.

The human male, as with most other species, is the simpler of the two sexes. Perhaps, I am saying this only because, being a man I understand my own kind better. However, I do not think this is so.

For all the complexities and intricacies of the average male's brain, the female's has so much more. Men understand machines; women understand people. It's quite obvious which task is the more difficult of the two.

One of my secret desires is to have been born a woman. To try and see what that would have been like. Had this actually happened, I would, in all probability, have ended up fantasizing what life would have been like as a man. The lure of getting to "the other side" is always present.

And then just as the yearning reaches its peak, I come across [or am pointed to by Kunal, as in this case] something like this, and my womanly aspirations are temporarily shelved. And for some days thereafter, I'm glad to be just a man.

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SwitchBlade said...

Even though i may never relate to your mindset, i have come across another person who not only would like to be a lady in his 'next life' but actually prays hard that it might happen.
Its none other than Ravi. His wish is rather specific too. He once told me that he wanted to be reborn as a blonde american woman(dont ask why!) Seems you are in good company here.