Thursday, March 24, 2011

What Time Will You Be Home Tonight, Honey?

There's also point on the X-axis (that's the horizontal one, people) beyond which the official "time you spend at work" is not really the "time you spend at work", if you know what I mean. Things start to get rather messy at that point onward.


Styleme said...

Hi Arnold,

This mail as a comment comes due to no response from our previous mail to you. We would really like to hear from you.


karen13 said...

@almost-friend - I'd love to know what your girlfriend thought of this post :D

Arnold said...

@karen13: "almost-friend"?

Dwiti said...

:) :)
well said

karen13 said...

@ arnold - on the off chance that you're alive, see this and have time to spare - do restart this blog. I'm trawling the web for new blogs to follow and link to but the good stuff is apparently conspiring to avoid me.

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