Wednesday, June 27, 2007

My Biggest Coincidence

I’ve never experienced any earth-shattering coincidences in my life—at least none that I remember. I keep wishing for the day I run into this guy who looks exactly like me and claims to be my long-lost twin brother who was separated from me at birth. It would be even better if he turns out to be a prince of somewhere. With each passing day, the chances of that happening are falling and by now I’ve almost given up hope.

If you ask me to pick—of the top of my head—the biggest coincidence I’ve come across so far, I’d say it’s the Rachel-Playtah one. Here’s the story.

There’s this blogger named Rachel, who lives somewhere in the States—West Michigan—to be more precise. I’m not sure how, but one day she happens to come across my blog. She starts leaving comments—the odd one here and there. Nothing extraordinary about that.

Now another day, sometime later, I was reading one of Scott Adam’s posts. I can’t find it now because it looks like he’s decided to archive only the previous four months on his blog, but it was the one about women and horses. If you’ve read it, you know which one I’m talking about. Otherwise, too bad. Either way, it doesn’t matter!

I decided to leave a comment, so I did that, and then scroll through the existing comments. There must have been like about 200 of them by that time. I find a comment—somewhere in the middle—by a certain “Playtah”, whose link I follow and land up on her blog here. Again, nothing very extraordinary.


Playtah—also known as Funny Girl—just happens to be Rachel’s best friend! I realize this about a month later, but when I did, it struck me just how big a coincidence this was.

Remember, these aren’t very high profile bloggers or anything. Just two average (okay, above average, but still) American bloggers. One randomly happens to come across my blog, the other I just happen to come across by clicking on a random link in Scott’s comments. And not only do they know each other, they’re best friends.

Maybe there’s some REALLY simple explanation in all this that I’m overlooking, but I seriously doubt that.

What’s your favorite coincidence?


RT .. hXc?LqD said...

hmmm .. the ONLY coincidence i can think of right now is something like this .. got acquainted with someone over the net(something i dont really like) anyway .. some normal chatting, one co-authored story and a year later we bumped into each other despite us being in different cities .. just like that! i was totally SHOCKED! :O

Mulling Over My Thoughts said...

hmmm, a classic case of "six degrees of separation..."
read it up if you havent read it yet...its quite an interesting theory...

Chennakeshav Adya said...

umm... the BIGGEST co-incidence in my life has been that BOTH my parents were married on the same day!!

heh heh :-))

Anonymous said...

I think I have a biggest co-incidence of them all in my life , believe me it looks very filmy but its very much true.

I was engaged(not formally though, our families agreed and only formal ceremony was remaining) to a girl but had to travel to US for my assignment.After reaching US the girl and her parents startd asking me about my return and the marriage there after(quite normal).
I said it will take another year for me to return and it will happen only after that.

After this,they started to look out for another guy ..meanwhile I decided to come back(after almost an year) and called the girl (note that I was in constant touch with her thruout my stay there ..almost calls 1 week...) to tell her that ..I'm coming back and now we can get my shock...she told me that ...she is engaged now to another guy...and told me his name and wt he my surprise ...he turns out to be my friend(not the best friend though....)'m in a dilemma..wt to do..I had a chat(call)..with this friend a week before...

what do you say..can there be a co-incidence bigger than that....?....

Arnold said...

Anonymous - I don't know.. It's certainly a coincidence. She didn't know he was your friend, obviously? Where did she meet him? That's the important question. Because if she's from the same city as the two of you'll, then it suddenly isn't so big? Also, how did you'll (you and she) meet?

I don't know. It seems to me that it could be big but then again, maybe not.