Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Bush and the Queen

Queen Elizabeth visiting the United States was always going to be the perfect set up for a comedy show on T.V. I’m surprised no one’s decided to come up with one as yet. Of course, being President, George Bush felt he had to take the initiative.

His ‘tongue of slip’ on Monday is funny on so many levels that you struggle to figure out which part’s the best! Let’s see. First, he started to say “1776” and just about managed to stop and correct himself on the edge of the precipice. Now, ordinarily this wouldn’t be too funny. We all slip up during speeches sometimes and it’s okay. But remember, the woman he was referring to looks old enough to be Mick Jagger’s great-grand-mother’s nanny. Women don’t like people making fun of their age. George Bush almost added 200 years to hers. Funny.

After correcting himself, the wisest thing you’d think would be to -- uhm, I don’t know -- CARRY ON WITH HIS SPEECH? But of course, you and I are not two-time reigning champions of that elite competition -- The Presidency of the USA. These President types tend to think slightly differently. So what does Bush do? He stops, turns, gives the Queen a John Wayne like look and a WINK! Funny, funny, funny! And stupid.

The Queen then says something in the background. The microphones caught it but not very clearly. I couldn’t make out whether it was “Oh, dear!”, “Oh, yea!” or “Oh, Blighty! How frightfully daft can this bally Texan get?”, but it really could’ve been any one.

And that isn’t even the end. He turns back from the wink, grins impishly at the audience and says, “She gave me a look that only a mother could give a child.” Whoopsie. Is he trying to say she’s like his Mom? So he finally DID manage to insult her age. Well done! I bet she wanted to turn him over on her knee right then and give his little ass a nice spanking.

A lot people were fretting about getting the “protocol” right for the Queen’s visit. I’m not a big fan of protocol myself, except in cases where it makes things simpler for both parties. For example, I’d always stand in favor of a protocol for tipping. Figuring out how much I need to tip someone is just too darned hard otherwise. However, I can live without rules for how to pass someone the hookah pipe or how many times a minute I can breathe when I’m in the presence of royalty. That’s just stupid.

I’d like to see the Queen visit India. It would be even more fun. I bet some government official would do ALL of the following before shaking her hand.

1. Scratch his crotch.
2. Sneeze into his hands.
3. Pick his nose.

Anyone putting money on which who the lucky guy would be?


Mulling Over My Thoughts said...

dude none of the situations could be as bad as the eventuality of you meeting the queen... hehehe...

Juho said...

ive been in finland for a few months now and i want to get back to india :D. my state of mind has become the forest dweller and in the summer i'm heading to greece.

how are you doing? hope not too busy.
i like your blog a lot! your writing style somehow reminds me of max barry and his nice book jennifer government. take care


SwitchBlade said...

Been a while since Ive been here....what happened to all the woman bashing that used to take place here?

About Bush...what can I say? Hes nuffin but a duffered Texan who got electorated only coz of his dad...atleast he didnt greet Queen Elizabeth with a high five!

Anonymous said...

Hey SwitchBlade,

The American people elected BUSH TWICE!!! You do understand the concept of a democracy don't you?

Keep your trap shut on topics you know nothing about.

Thank you,


Anonymous said...

Bush stole the elections.

If, now, he had as much respect for others more legitimately elected leaders like Chavez...