Monday, April 09, 2007

Season Three

I’m back.

Many people have asked me why I haven’t posted for so long. Two reasons, really.

1. It’s good to give up something during Lent, and
2. I’m terribly lazy.

Let’s face it. Writing’s hard. Writing stuff that people are interested in reading is even harder. Writing stuff that people are interested in reading and doing so regularly, when you have nothing to say and you know that all that your laboring has brought you is the occasional smidgen of appreciation from a chimney sweep in Minsk (Hey, Gustav!) is about as downright difficult as, well -- I’ve forgotten how to analogize cleverly.

But nevertheless, at the cost of repeating myself, I’m back.

How has my life been over the past few weeks? Nothing exciting really. Just the odd late-night, rave party bust up, followed by a harried police interrogation, some third degree, a quick appearance in court and then back home for chai and biscuits in the evening. In other words, boring. (That’s just one word, actually.)

I don’t see this post going any place in a hurry, so I’ll just wind it up. For the final time, in case you didn’t catch it before, I’m back.

PS: Genuine appreciation can be manifested in the following ways:

1. Cash, if you can meet me.
2. Checks, if you can’t, but know my postal address.
3. Proposals via e-mail for a hot, steamy one night stand, if you know nothing about me but are a relatively good-looking female.
4. If none of the above are possible, just a leaving a comment will be fine.

Thank You.


kt said...

you are such an attention seeker man :)
which rave party did you go to? the one where they rave about the latest hairstyle?

why don't you tell the real reason? :) in order to blog regularly, one needs to be moping at home with nothing to do. but it seems your life is too boring for such a boring task.

lara said...

lol at a rave, you rly know how to get a laugh.
before you used to call writing your "work" and now work is the real reason you haven't been writing.
dont stop too soon...
nd btw, the first reason, as to why you stopped, isnt rly a reason you can use =P

Mulling Over My Thoughts said...

did you quit work or something???